Hagedorn Foundation


Local Commitment

The Board and staff of the Hagedorn Foundation believe that the strongest, most vibrant communities embody the ideals of justice, equity, respect, and goodwill towards all of their members. As Long Island wrestles with the challenges arising from the meeting of established residents and newly arrived immigrants, the Foundation seeks to reduce tensions emerging from these encounters. The Foundation strives to help Nassau and Suffolk Counties - governments, businesses, nonprofits, neighborhoods, and residents - achieve the ideal of a truly welcoming and just Long Island by supporting organizations and partnerships working to improve their communities through practical and respectful policies and creative programs.

The Hagedorn Foundation supports organizations engaged in one or more of the following activities:

  • Alliance building that fosters improved relations between long-time residents and newly arrived immigrants
  • Advocacy and education that help empower immigrants to be engaged members of their communities
  • Civic participation campaigns that encourage immigrants to become fully involved in the American democratic process
  • Public information campaigns that challenge and dispel inaccurate perceptions of immigrants and emphasize immigrants' contributions to Long Island
  • Collaborations, including those between the public and private sectors, that ease tensions stemming from immigration - and responses to it - in local communities

National Strategy

Failed national immigration policies are the root causes behind many of the tensions experienced across Long Island. The Hagedorn Foundation therefore supports initiatives and organizations throughout the nation that work strategically to repair these broken systems.

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