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Hagedorn Foundation in The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Small Grant Maker, Closing Down in 4 Years, Is a Force in Immigration It’s fitting that Darren Sandow heads a foundation built on the Miracle-Gro fortune. Fans of Mr. Sandow’s work say he has nurtured impressive results out of the Hagedorn Foundation, which was founded eight years ago with just $58-million. Mr. Sandow’s local and national leadership on immigration issues has greatly benefited Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the two Long Island counties at the center of the foundation’s work, they say. Continue Reading - Chronicle.pdf
Parent-Child Home Program demonstrates promise in improving children’s cognitive development
The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is a home visitation program that supports positive parenting practices and helps parents learn how to stimulate their children's cognitive development. The Parent-Child Home Program is targeted at families that are challenged by poverty, isolation, and language, literacy, and cultural barriers, and that have children aged two at the time of program initiation. Two evaluations of PCHP that met PPN criteria found that the program improved children's scores on tests related to cognitive development. Both studies also found that the program improved parents' interactions with children.
New Americans on Long Island: A Vital Sixth of the Economy (Fiscal Policy Institute, October 2011)
Working for a Better Life: A Profile of Immigrants in the NYS Economy (Fiscal Policy Institute)
What role do immigrants play in the New York State economy? How about in upstate New York? In the downstate suburbs? In New York City? What countries do immigrants come from? Where do they work? How well are they doing?
Best Practices for the Treatment of Perinatal Mood Disorders Task Force Resource Guide
Hagedorn Video Conference Centers
The Hagedorn Video Conference Centers are centrally located on Long Island in Bayshore at the Family Service League -1444 5th Ave, Bay Shore, NY, Riverhead at the Family Service League - 208 Roanoke Ave, Riverhead, NY, and Hempstead at the Health and Welfare Council of Long Island - 1 Helen Keller Way #401, Hempstead, NY. To schedule a Video Conference click here: http://fsl-li.org/home/index.php
Home Is Where the Start Is
Every family with a newborn baby deserves comprehensive supports from the prenatal period to preschool. While the birth of a baby should be a joyous event and the first few years of a child’s life should be filled with hope and promise, parents usually find childbirth and child-rearing to be challenging experiences. They are not experiences that any family should go through alone. This paper describes a system of services that supports new families by providing three components: universal prenatal care, postpartum screening, and comprehensive home visiting. Click on the following link to view the document: Home_Visitation_White_Paper_4-09.pdf
Strengthening Long Island: The Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Nassau and Suffolk Counties
Click below for "Strengthening Long Island: The Economic Contributions of Immigrants to Nassau and Suffolk Counties (Adelphi University, October 2008)"
The Economic Impact of the Hispanic Population on Long Island, NY (Adelphi University, April 2007)
The Changing Profile of Long Island’s Economy (Fiscal Policy Institute, November 2010)
The Changing Profile of Long Island’s Economy: How US-born Workers Have Fared as Immigration Has Grown (Fiscal Policy Institute, November 2010)