HF Initiatives / Civic Engagement

The Hagedorn Foundation Initiatives program is board and staff driven, and addresses mission related goals. The foundation does not accept concepts or proposals for this area.

The HF Civic Engagement program supported work in Nassau and Suffolk counties that helped to build a non-partisan culture of civic engagement in disenfranchised and underrepresented communities. The goals of the program were twofold: to educate and mobilize disengaged voters across Long Island; and to ensure that the individuals who live in working-class communities of color are more fully represented in local elected offices.

Giving in Action

The Power of One Voice in Raising Awareness About Bullying and Hate Crimes

The 2008 hate-crime murder of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, NY shone an unwelcome spotlight on the intolerance of some Long Islanders toward a growing immigrant community. It also led to an unexpected career change for his brother, Joselo. Motivated by the human tragedy that personally touched his family and by his passionate commitment to preventing—or at least reducing—similar attacks, Joselo joined the Hagedorn Foundation with the singular focus of raising awareness about bullying and hate crimes.

“When I speak to students I tell them bullying and hate crimes may seem like fun to bullies, but often lead to disastrous results. I work every day to prevent another hate crime, to stop another victim from being bullied, another teenager from going to prison.”

— “Let My Slain Brother’s Story Prevent More Bullying” Newsday Op-Ed, November 1, 20132

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Creating a Culture of Community Engagement in Working-Class Neighborhoods of Color

In any democracy nonpartisan voter engagement is a vital component of civic life and a fundamental way the electorate makes its voice heard. The voting population empowers itself by becoming educated about issues and candidates, developing leaders and grooming possible future candidates, and, for immigrants, becoming U.S. citizens in order to become fully engaged members of the electorate.

Since 2010, the Hagedorn Foundation has granted $3.9 million to organizations working to create a stronger culture of civic participation on Long Island.

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