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Roosevelt Community Revitalization Group

The Roosevelt Community Revitalization Group (RCRG, mission is to improve the quality of life in the Roosevelt Community through Education, Economic Development and Health and Wellness, to work as an advocate for the residents of Roosevelt bringing issues to their attention that may adversely affect the quality of life of residents, and other stakeholders.

Since HF began the “Hagedorn Hub” project in 2007, its purpose and scope has changed. Though the development of a hub is still possible, it became clear to principals that building a strong unified voice among existing and new leadership and residents in Roosevelt took precedence, in order to help Roosevelt residents to create new development that meets the genuine needs of the community. As a result, some of Roosevelt’s most passionate community leaders have forged better working relationships, and new leaders have emerged. The group had helped to bring a financial institution, Bethpage Federal Credit Union to the community, organized events at the public library attended by African American and Latino families, created a website, and produced quarterly newsletters and monthly articles that were printed in the local paper. for more info: http://www.rcrgli.org/


Why We Do What We Do

The Hagedorn Foundation's mission is to support and promote social equity on Long Island. The foundation will embody the philanthropic interests Horace energetically embraced during his lifetime. Viewing philantrophy as a way to "be good, do good and look good," Horace never shunned the spotlight.