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April 12, 2011

Between soaring gas prices, frustrating traffic congestion, the lack of public transportation, and the fact that Long Island is indeed a very long island, those who work in the Island’s nonprofit community have for many years bemoaned the difficulty of traveling “up Island,” or “out to the East End,” or even from one shore to the other.  So-called “central locations” (such as the Route 110 corridor) often require participants to travel an hour or more each way.  This geographical dispersal continues to enforce Long Islanders’ sense of political fragmentation and NIMBYism, and places enormous burdens on any organization seeking to work regionally. 

In order to help overcome these barriers to nonprofit regional cooperation by using modern communications technology, the Hagedorn Foundation has created three video conference centers across Long Island: one each in central Nassau, Western Suffolk, and Riverhead. These centers are be open for use by the nonprofit community and allow organizations to meet County- or Island-wide without having to spend a half a day in a car.

To schedule a video conference center meeting go to: http://fsl-li.org/home/index.php
and the click on the link that asks you to “Click Here to Schedule a Videoconferencing Meeting.” Register and follow the instructions to schedule a meeting. Pick an available date from the calendar and list which centers you will need for the meeting. A follow up email will be sent confirming your meeting.