Hagedorn Foundation

About Us

A Letter From Our President Emeritus

“Find a need and fill it.”

These words embody the business and philanthropic philosophy that my husband, Horace Hagedorn, and I have lived by. After years of working to solidify the success of his Miracle-Gro plant food, Horace believed his responsibility was to help others grow as well.  He was fond of saying “You can’t keep taking from the earth without giving back.”

With the Hagedorn Foundation, we are furthering Horace’s belief.

Beginning in 1995, through our donor-advised fund in the Long Island Community Foundation, Horace and I worked on wide-ranging philanthropic activities, giving to countless community and charitable projects with an eye toward bringing about meaningful results. We focused on benefiting Long Island’s citizens by supporting education, family, and environmental causes and we helped to build the strength of numerous nonprofit organizations. 

During this time, the Hagedorn Little Village School, the Hagedorn Family Resource Center of Family & Children’s Association, the Hagedorn building housing the School of Education and Allied Services at Hofstra University, Hagedorn Hall at Adelphi University and the Hagedorn Cleft Palate Center at North Shore LIJ Health System were named.  Horace was proud and happy to see the tangible effects of his giving.  He joked about creating the kingdom of Hagedornia.

When Horace died in 2005, he left his share of the proceeds from the merger of Miracle-Gro and the Scotts Company to form a new foundation dedicated to supporting and promoting social equity on Long Island.  The Hagedorn Foundation exists to continue our work and to embody the philanthropic interests Horace and I energetically embraced during his lifetime.  He viewed philanthropy as a way to “be good, do good and look good.”

The Hagedorn Foundation promotes social equity and empowers families. We work collaboratively with diverse and inclusive communities and partners for positive change.  Amy and Horace’s legacy of generosity, good will, and optimism is alive and well in our work.