About Us

In just a dozen years, among its many contributions, the Hagedorn Foundation has worked to strengthen the voice of immigrants and help them organize; commissioned insightful studies of the positive impact of immigrants on Long Island and the negative effects of hate crimes directed against them; elevated awareness at state, national and local levels of the crucial role of early childhood education; helped train parents to be effective advocates for children; and significantly increased voter registration in communities of color.

Pictured: Hagedorn Staff and consultants, September 2017. From left: Devon Giordano, Campaign Diretor - One Island Giving Day, Darren Sandow - Executive Director, Lisa Valentine - President, Liz Axelrod - Grants Manager, Sandra Dunn - Program Director, Lynda Parmely - Program Director, Joe Page - Office Manager, Joselo Lucero - Outreach Program Coordinator, Bob Keeler - Consultant.